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Technical Translation

Technical Document Translation Service

Technical translation orders provide for a translation of technical documents or highly specialized text. This category includes standard and design documents, equipment user manuals, circuit drawings, electronic circuit diagrams, architectural plans, promotion catalogs and brochures for industrial equipment and home appliances, and other similar documents.
Technical translation is quite strict, impersonal, formal and in a logical non-emotional, accurate style. Many stable grammatical constructions are used within.


Scientific and Research Document Translation Services

That pertaining to scientific research, popular science, and technical literature, e.g. articles from scientific magazines, dissertations, monographs, textbooks, and any other articles requiring special knowledge. Technical documents therein depend on Greek and Latin terminology.
A characteristic difference from the technical translation is the option to use more common vernacular when translating scientific literature, as with such, it is still essential to convey information with the utmost discretion without deviating from scientific expressions.

In most cases, the term "technical translation" combines both those types of specialized translation. Mova Service Translation Agency offers professional technical translation into many languages. Technical translation from English into Russian or Ukrainian is the most demanded orders we have.


Professional translation of technical documents with involving attracted field experts

Technical translation of an article, manual or protocol from a foreign language has its difficulties and special features. This means that even professional translators or a native speakers may be not enough to translate technical terms accurately from English as an example, into Russian. As you can imagine, its not everyday the average translator uses in his daily lexicon such terms as “power line supply voltage” or “welding electrode categories”- that is why Mova Service attracts field experts to its technical translations. Professionals with experience in international companies who can translate from English and other languages succinctly and fluently. In other cases, field experts work in cooperation with the main translator, consulting him/her in concise, industry standard technical terminology and correcting translations at the stage of proofreading.
As the result of such multi-step approach, our customer gets a qualitative technical translation with accurate interpretation of special terms, correctly built sentences and expressions and a style close to an original document. Moreover, our editors additionally check data entered into tables, flow diagrams and graphs transferred from the original document.

Of course, many customers, such as partners of foreign firms and companies, need to translate their reports and documents into a foreign language (English is the most often of them). In such cases, the translation of technical documents is made with aforementioned oversight.


DWG drawings translation

Many technical professionals need to work with DWG drawings. That is the main format for 2-dimensional (2D), and 3-dimensional (3D) data for AutoCAD, nanoCAD and some other CAD programs. Drawings texts are always short, special abbreviations and legend keys are widely used. DWG drawing translation is even more complicated because it must be translated by a narrowly specialized professional who knows the terms and can work with .dwg or .dxf. formats. Only in that case, is the qualitative translation possible only by a professional.

AutoCad drawings translation is a multi-step process:

  • copying the text from the drawing into a separate document;
  • translation of text and legend;
  • copying a text back into AutoCAD.

It is a meticulous craft to get a drawing to the same format and correct text positioning. Our agency can do it and is ready to translate DWG drawings in the shortest possible time and for an affordable price.

When making an AutoCAD translation order, please tell us the program version, special font, and settings used in that.


Technical translation Kyiv is a qualitative and multi-field translation

To spare you time, we are not going to list all the topics we work with. Let us mention only a few of the scientific and research fields we translate for:

  • electrical goods and instruments
  • welding technologies, oil and gas industry
  • information technologies
  • civil and industrial construction works (see also the "Standards Translation" section)
  • hydraulics and mechanical engineering,
  • communications and telecommunications,
  • bioenergy and waste utilization,
  • woodworking and paper industry,
  • pharmaceutics and biochemistry (see also Medical Translations) and many others.

Technical translation: Mova Service's guarantees

When translating technical documents or scientific articles,

  • we ensure correct interpretation of special terms,
  • we have the translation checked by field experts,
  • we do the finished text formatting by considering all customer's requirements (including brochures and catalogs layout),
  • a ready translation is given in special formats (PDF, AutoCAD, Excel sheets),
  • customer's corporate glossaries may be used upon the request,
  • the translation is always made as soon as possible,
  • the price of technical translation is really affordable.

We are ready to help you with technical translation from various languages, any range of complexity, even in the most niche field and non-standard format of files and documents. Our translators and editors work as a team, that is why we also do urgent technical translations.

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