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Legal Translation

Legal Translation Services

Legal documents translation is a high precision craft that obliges stringent comprehension of linguistic definition. Any ambiguity in an official agreement or any other document could have negative legal consequences for a party such as declined property right or visa application, misinterpretation of terms in course of legal proceedings, etc. That is why Mova Service Translation Center deals with legal documents with absolute professionalism and thoroughness.
When utilizing us, you can be certain that any agreement, certificate, power of attorney or any other document will be translated on the highest level of competency with solid fluency in legal nomenclature.


Professional Legal Translation and Notarization

Mova Service team has long-term experience in translations of various legal texts. Our center renders translation services for individuals, individual entrepreneurs, public institutions, and companies, both Ukrainian residents and non-residents. Mova Service translates legal texts into English, Ukrainian, Russian, German, French, and many other languages.
We also provide notarized translation of documents. You do not need to go to a notary to get a notarized translation, we'll take care of that for you.
In some cases, embassies and other official institutions require confirmation of a document's official status and translator's qualification- Mova Service also provides these certifications of legal translations with a corporate seal and signature.

We translate all types of legal documents

We have decades of experience in translation of various legal documents, including:

  • any agreements and contracts (sales, licensing, products distribution, joint development, etc.)
  • powers of attorney
  • constituent documents (memorandums and articles of association, minutes of general shareholders meetings, registration certificates)
  • documents confirming identity, capacity or property rights, etc.
  • laws, bills, and regulations
  • judgments and legal opinions
  • business correspondence and minutes of meetings
  • sets of individual's documents to be submitted to embassies and consulate services

Contracts translation into English is highly demanded service now. It is a complicated work requiring deep professional knowledge in the legal field.


Notarized documents translation service

We understand that sometimes there's need to get translated legal documents in the shortest time, so we always assess time needed for translation of your document adequately and tell you about it before we start working. In situations, when time really matters, Mova Service is a really good choice. Rest assured, you'll get the translated and notarized document within the agreed deadline.


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