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Economic Texts Translation

In an environment of ever-growing international economic cooperation, the translation of economic texts is becoming a more and more sought after service. Those seeking to form new partnerships or are in search of investments, new technologies implementation, and growing trading networks require a clear economic translation.

We can provide any business, big or small, that is trying to get into the international level a confidence that their brand and messaging will be accurately translated with the same nuance as in their native language. We also provide such arrangements as translation of financial and banking documents, business plans, reports or marketing research in the course of their daily business. We can translate the language of your business!


Qualitative Translation of Economic Texts

Kyiv Translation Agency Mova Service is ready to help everyone who wants to get economic information directly from foreign partners and to share information about their business in other countries. We do qualitative translation of economic texts, financial documents from Russian and Ukrainian into languages of many European and American countries, and vise versa.

We provide accurate economic translation and employ field professional economic experts who speak foreign languages fluently. Our economic texts translations are done considering country-specific attributes in standard economic terms and give attention to the fact that these presentational materials are to be delivered to the foreign partners of our customers. Even though our economic translators are highly qualified, we utilize native speakers for additional oversight. Such attention to detail makes a translation look authoritative (as an example in British or American verbiage) and often heightens the interest of foreign businessmen who expect proper terminology.

Nowadays, many new terms arise and old ones become unused with the trends, our translators continuously follow the special economic terms and standards. Our agency creates glossaries for many narrow focused economic and financial fields. We update them from time to time with the newest lexical elements. Its with standards like these that allow us to translate financial terms accurately and ensure the qualitative translation of financial documents.
We often send our employees to professional development courses and practical studies abroad, and actively participate in various seminars and training which allows us to master the specific features of foreign financial and economic standards, and to maintain fresh perspectives in corporate culture.

When you come to our translation center to fulfill your economic translation service needs, you'll get a qualitative, accurate, and timely translation for a reasonable price. We are sure that our work will allow you to acquire profitable contracts with foreign partners and facilitate a successful development of your business.


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