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Documents Translation Services

Written Documents Translation Services

Mova Service is a translation agency of experienced professionals, editors, and proofreaders supported by field experts. We translate written documents in various fields and subjects and work with numerous foreign languages. Our professionals translate into Russian, Ukrainian, English, and many other languages while tending to an individual approach to each order.

Our work has many facets. Here are the most frequently asked questions by our customers.

How do you ensure the quality of written documents translation?

Before the translation is sent, it passes through several steps of checking. After it is done by the main translator, the text goes to the editor and proofreader who checks the translation with the original document- reviewing it for inaccuracies, typos or wrong interpretation. If the text is specialized (technical, legal, medical documents, etc.), we assign industry experts to check technical terminology. We always endeavor to do high-quality translations into Russian, Ukrainian, English and other languages.

I have my specific requirements for my documents translation. What should I do?

Translation is largely creation and research, so we do not regard it as a standardized process. Instead, Mova Service has an individual approach to each order. That is why we are always ready to work with non-standard requirements to craft your order: format, layout, corporate glossaries, conversion of hard copies into electronic documents, etc.

How much time to you need to do my documents translation?

When accepting your order, we always discuss translation deadline depending on its volume, specifics and your special requirements. We translate both contracts, power of attorneys and other standard documents, as well as urgent documents to be submitted to embassies. If you need an urgent translation of a big volume, we attract a translation team with further editor's review ensuring consistency of a finished text.

Can you translate non-text or special format document?

Of course we can! We work with numerous file formats, such as Excel, PDF (incl. edited versions), AutoCAD, image documents, Microsoft Visio, HTML, XML and many other. We can translate into English, Ukrainian, Russian and other languages irrespective of your file format.

Do you transcribe audio and video files?

Our translators work with audio and video recordings, both professional, and home-made. If you are interested in the translation of audio, video or subtitles from English into Russian or Ukrainian, please contact us and we will discuss the project details.

How will I order the written document translation?

The most prompt way to make an order is to fill out the form on our website, allowing you to submit a file for assessment. You may also contact us by phone, e-mail, or Skype - please see contact details on our website.
If you prefer to meet personally, you are always welcomed to visit our office in Kyiv.


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